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Real Water Concentrate Ionizer – Optimal Cellular Hydration

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E2 technology adds hundreds of millions of free electrons to the water through a proprietary technology that is both stable and natural. This changes the water from positive (+) ionized (which is bad) to negative (-) ionized (which is good). pH Water.

Think your tap water is perfectly safe? Think again

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“America is facing a nationwide drinking water crisis,” says the co-author of a new report that finds one in four Americans were served by tap water that was unsafe or not properly monitored in 2015. The report published Tuesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows there were 80,000 reported violations of safety regulations like the Safe Drinking Water Act in community water systems serving 77 million people in 2015. About 15% of those violations—affecting 27 million people, or one in 12 Americans—were health-based, for instance contamination from lead, copper, arsenic, or other cancer-causing pollutants. Other violations included failure to […]