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Positive (+) Ionized Water is BAD! Let’s get Negative (-)
When water molecules are missing an electron (now positive ionized), the molecules, which are two hydrogen and one oxygen – H2O, start to share the missing electron. They borrow an electron from each other, causing the water molecules to grow larger. This creates a problem because now your cells have difficulty absorbing such a large molecule. Simply put, the cell membrane won’t let this big, positive ionized (+) molecule into the cell. So even though you are drinking a lot of water, you are probably not hydrating very well on a cellular level. But this isn’t the worst part.

What happens next is that the positively (+) charged molecules want to steal electrons (-) from other molecules in our bodies. This is what causes free radical damage. A free radical is a positive ionized particle (+) that robs electrons (-) from our cells. They literally zap or pull away life force from the cell. Once damaged, the cells start to allow unwanted toxic material and crud to attach itself inside our bodies.

When the life force keeps being robbed, toxins start accumulating at various areas throughout the body. This results in premature aging and an environment that allows disease to take hold. That is why there is such a buzz in the media and nutritional communities about anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants provide the extra electrons (-) to stop the zapping of life force and stealing of electrons from our healthy cells. Enter our E2 Technology.

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