John Rosanbalm – Co-Founder and VP Of Operations

John Rosanbalm was born February of 1950 to Gene and Mary Rosanbalm in Camp Campbell,
Kentucky while his dad was serving in the army. Following in his father’s path but to
his own tune, John joined the Marine Corps the fall of 1967 and spent two years in
service of his country.

Family is everything to John!

John left the service as a corporal and Vietnam Vet. After the service, he joined an apprentice
program and then became a journeyman carpenter then on to being a master builder in Portland,
Oregon where he founded a family with Barbara Sue Anderson and they had two children Amy and
Matthew which both have blessed him with grandchildren.

After a broken ankle and the need of being off his feet he became an over the road truck driver
that spent his free time studying computers and how to program them to empower others.

John has always been building something and software building was second nature for him. He took
those skills and has been building software platforms for network marketers for over 25 years.

He has been consistently in the fore front utilizing the most modern and effective lead generating
technologies. John has been responsible for generating very large networking teams with predictive
dialers that have generated more than a billion dollars in sales. When email was the tool, he helped
Going Platinum develop in excess of 500,000 members.

Then came Cell Phone Toolbox with more than 50,000 members. As the Internet developed he changed his
methods and as an insider of the Just-2 program he grew sales from 0 to over 3 million dollars
within a year. He then set his sights on, honed and created the Internet lead generation systems
that took the Holy Tea Club and grew to become the Whole Wellness Club to sales of over a
million dollars monthly!

Seeing the tremendous value of the E2 Technology and how it has personally improved his life and
that of others he knows, John has come out of retirement to join with his old friend and business
partner Brent Jones to launch Real Balance.

John knows that when his Internet lead generation skills and numerous leaders that have experienced
his success are combined with a great product and competent management, the sky is the limit.
John is also the CEO of U.S. Mobile Helpers, LLC dba "Actuated Marketing" based in Oklahoma,
using their services to help the Get Real Balance MLM to grow huge!

So Now.... Watch Out, It Is Time To Get Real!