Meet Dr. Glenn – Our Chief Health and Science Officer.

A short story about Dr. Glenn:

Dr. Glenn - Nice to Meet You

Dr. Glenn is a Chiropractic physician in private practice, and he is located in a small township in Nevada, called Pahrump. He also enjoys spending time on Kaua’i, Hawai’i.

He was born in Inglewood, California in 1957. As a curious and mischievous child, he sometimes found himself “in the stockade”.
His family lived in Hawthorn, California until 1966, when they moved to Camarillo, California.
Dr. Glenn considers his childhood blessed, due in large part, to the fact that Camarillo was primarily farm lands at that time.
In his youth, he was able to enjoy hunting, fishing, riding bicycles, and dirt-bikes – His high school actually provided a section of the parking lot for students to park their dirt-bikes.
While still a high school senior, he attended Ventura College in the “Advanced Placement” program, and he also worked as a draftsman.

Graduating high school in 1975 at the ripe old age of 17, he continued working, for two years, as a draftsman while attending Moorpark College, where he completed an Associate of Science degree.

The son of a master finish carpenter, and cabinet maker, he grew up learning the trade. He began working for his father, as a carpenter, on weekends and during summers, when he was twelve years of age. Due to his training and experience, he obtained his California General Contractor’s license at the age of 21. This is highly unusual, due to the requirement that an applicant prove a minimum of four years of Journeyman experience.

He continued to work as a building contractor, specializing in finish carpentry and cabinet making, until 1982, when he decided to make a life change.

Deciding to become a Chiropractic physician required him to complete more science prerequisites than completed in the previous college curriculum. So, he then attended New College of California, where he completed one year of hard sciences, in five months.
He then attended Life Chiropractic College – West, where he completed the equivalent of an eight year education, in three years, graduating in 1986 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He then relocated to Michigan, in order to operate one of the busiest clinics in the Detroit area. He is one of the first Chiropractic physicians to be granted Hospital Staff Privileges to New Center Hospital, in Detroit, Michigan. He is also certified by the University of Florida – Medical School, in Med-X exercise physiology.

He has been licensed in Nevada, California, Hawaii, Colorado and Michigan. He has been in private practice since leaving Michigan, answering the call for service to mankind.

After becoming disillusioned with the status quo of the large overhead, insurance billing type business model, he took a huge leap and began offering a new business model concept – low cost, low overhead – cut the costs and pass the savings on. He continues, with this low cost model to this day.

Personal interests include precision machining , fabrication, welding and also woodworking – some humorously refer to him as a “frustrated engineer”.

As a martial arts enthusiast, his interest began in high school, and he has trained in multiple disciplines.
Although, the martial art that he calls home, the art that he truly loves, holds a black belt in, and tries to pattern his life after, is Aikido.

He also continues to enjoy other outdoor activities, including:
Snow skiing

Boating and waterskiing


Mountain biking, and walking.

He searches through seemingly infinite amounts of studies for the simplest solutions to people’s problems… because, as he has long discovered, the simplest solutions seem to yield the best, longest lasting, results. He is persistently researching and learning, and he is consistently in pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge to aid people in their understanding of what may seem non-understandable to them.

His goal is to empower people with the acquisition, and understanding, of information. Information that they might use to re-gain, and maintain their own health.

He looks forward to meeting and helping all of you.


Dr. Glenn