Brent Jones – Founder & CEO

Brent was born on July 14, 1963 in Ojai, California to Jerry and Gloria Jones. He had a well-adjusted upbringing, spending most of his childhood in the idyllic Ojai Valley. As a youngster, Brent was very active. He played Little League baseball, youth football and soccer. On weekends, he could usually be found riding his Honda motorcycle at Devil’s Gulch, a local off-road riding and hill climbing area. Brent loved the speed and excitement associated with riding a motorcycle, and was one of the only few riders who could climb the 500 Hill on a 125cc motorcycle.

As he grew and entered High School, Brent enjoyed high academic success while attending advanced placement classes. During this time, he also continued in sports, focusing on tackle football and soccer. As a result of his hard work and natural abilities, as a senior, he was awarded the Best Defensive Player on the Varsity Football team. Brent was very proud of this award. It represented a lot of “blood, sweat and tears”, teamwork, dedication and the respect of his fellow teammates and coaches.

After High School, Brent attended the University of California, Riverside as a Pre-Med major. Although becoming a medical doctor appealed strongly to Brent, he yearned for a more exciting occupation. The next year he transferred to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. Embry-Riddle, known as the “Harvard of the Skies,” specializes in training students to become professional pilots along with advanced degrees in the field of aviation.

While at Embry-Riddle, Brent applied for a pilot slot with the United States Airforce. Out of thousands of applicants, Brent was fortunate enough to be among a handful of the applicants to be accepted into the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program with a pilot slot. This was an exciting time. During basic training, between his Sophomore and Junior year of college, Brent was able to fly a T-37 “Tweedy Bird” jet, fly in a C-130 and Huey helicopter, go inside and tour a missile silo and shoot various firearms. At the time, life could not be any better, he was going to fly the best aircraft in the world, and get paid for it while serving his country. It was a triple win situation.

It was during this time at Embry-Riddle that he also met his future first wife Lori Kendall. She lived in Prescott and worked at a local grocery store. Brent would purposely volunteer to go to the store for his “lazy” classmates, just so he could go through Lori’s checkout line. After a few months of this, along with casual conversation (which was actually carefully scripted before hand with the intention of impressing Lori), Brent finally got up the nerve to ask her out. Luckily for him, she accepted and the rest, as they say, is history.

School at Embry-Riddle was progressing well, when at the end of his Junior year, Brent contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome. Guillian Barre is a very rare neurological disease that causes one’s own immune system to attack one’s nervous system. Brent’s case was a severe one, and resulted in him becoming completely paralyzed, requiring a respirator for over a month. The rehabilitation for Guillian Barre is long and Brent remained in the hospital for about 5 months. To this day, Brent still has residual effects of the Guillian Barre.

With the disease, Brent lost his pilot slot and after his hospital stay, returned home to Ojai for continued rehabilitation. This was a difficult time as he spent his 21st birthday in a hospital bed and had no idea what the future held. Spiritually, he experienced the full range of emotions – apathy, feeling sorry for himself, being angry (even at God) for his condition, all the way up through acceptance.

In spite of the illness, Lori decided to stay together with Brent. She could have easily chose to remain in Prescott, but she decided that helping Brent recover and remain in their relationship was more important.

With his physical body in disrepair, Brent started back to college as soon as he could and focused his education on business. Since he was a young boy, he always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Business was the logical major.

While in undergraduate school, Brent co-founded Vital Energy, a natural energy booster. He helped design the product, manufacture it and sell it through convenience stores. Along with his business classes, the actual “real world” experience of Vital Energy helped prepare him for his future pursuits.

In 1986, Brent and Lori got married in Ojai. Since money was tight, the two of them moved into a 38-foot trailer. The trailer was a wedding present from Lori’s parents and Brent’s parents let them put it on the backside of their property. Brent continued going to college and building Vital Energy and Lori worked at a local store.

Then, rather un-expectantly, their first son Blain was born in May of 1987. Three living in a small trailer was somewhat difficult, but they managed. Later that year, Brent graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Real Estate.

After graduation, Brent sold his interest in Vital Energy and opened ‘Yummies” a frozen yogurt and sandwich shop. He worked the business for about a year, then decided he needed further education to help him attain his goals. He figured a degree in law would give him the best opportunities, so he applied to Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. He was accepted and off he went, getting up early and driving over an hour each way every day.

While in law school, Brent could not resist the entrepreneurial bug, so he started another company, SnagIt, a football catch game. Snagit started off quickly and the future looked bright. The catch game debuted at the New York Toy Show and was well received. So well in fact, that MTV did a feature on it that was aired nation wide. Orders flooded in, then reality hit. Within about 6 weeks of the toy show, another very similar game arrived from China at about ½ the price. The competitive product was everywhere and Snagit soon had a hard time opening new accounts. With the high-powered low-cost competition, SnagIt didn’t really have a chance. It was a lesson well learned.

During law school, Brent focused on business and real estate related courses. As a result of this interest and focus, Brent won the American Jurisprudence Award in Real Estate Transactions. The award is given to the top students in a specific field of study by the Lawyer Cooperative Publishing Company. Few students receive these, so it provides certain bragging rights among the student body.

Law school completed in 1991, Brent passed the California Bar exam and started practicing law in the field of civil litigation in business and real estate. Although Brent knew that he did not want to be a traditional lawyer when he was older, he felt that the experience of litigation would help provide him with valuable experience for his future business endeavors. He practiced traditional law for a few years and in 1995 he was awarded the “Best in Business – Attorney”, by the business magazine, the Business Digest. This was a nice honor and Brent’s award was presented to him by Jack Canfield, author and creator of the popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

Also in 1995, Brent started to work with his first start-up company, New Era. New Era owned the rights to a pollution reduction catalyst. The vision was to help the planet through pollution control and make money at the same time. Brent assisted in the raising of money, legal matters and taking the company “public.” The stock went to as high as $13.00 per share and the true potential of going public became apparent. Brent quickly closed down his law practice and start-ups were his entire focus now.

From 1995 to 2000, Brent worked with three other companies that went public. There was HospiTel, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty telephones for hospitals. HospiTel’s stock price went as high as $20.00 per share. Then there was Outwest Entertainment, Inc.

Outwest focused on the music industry. Its principals had extensive experience in the industry. This project was a lot of fun. Brent got to meet and hang out with Steven Segal (who was signed with Outwest to make an album and is a pretty good guitarist) and T.G. Sheppard, a top Country artist with 17 #1 Country hits to his credit. Outwest went public and traded as high as about $6.00 per share.

Another company was Antek International, Inc. Antek had a proprietary coating technology. Its stock price also went to about $6.00 per share.

In addition to the companies that went public, Brent also did the preliminary legal work and assisted in raising start-up capital for Light Point Systems, Inc. Light Point provides solar technology for hand held electronics. Light Point did not go public, but continued in business for many years.

Finally, Brent helped found, Inc. Brent initially worked in management of Affinity, but when sales were at approximately $100,000.00 per month, he passed it off to another management team. The other management team didn’t do well and over the following months sales dropped significantly.

It was at this time that Brent had to make a decision. The original intention was to help start a number of companies and then let management execute their business plans and grow the businesses into large corporations with stable stock prices. The companies could and did enjoy initial success with their stock price based on “perceived potential.” However, this perceived potential or “honeymoon period” doesn’t last long. After a while, the companies are expected to start producing profits.

The reality was that the company’s various managements were not executing their business plans and all of them used up their start-up capital. With no more money to operate, they either went out of business or were acquired by other companies.

This created a problem. Brent couldn’t continue to raise money for companies that within a year or two would go out of business. The choices were to either stop working with start-ups or take more responsibility and learn how to actually run a business from start-up through successful ongoing operations. This was easier said than done. Even though Brent had a degree in business administration and had successfully run small companies, he didn’t have the knowledge to run a large company.

Knowing what had to be learned, Brent started to look for a solution. After a diligent search, he identified the Hubbard College of Administration (“HCA”) in Hollywood, California. HCA was hands on and required that all of its students could actually apply what was learned in the course room. This meant that after the theory was learned, every student had to go out in an actual business and apply the knowledge to a successful conclusion.

Using this new learned technology, Brent took over the reins of Affinity and decided that he was going to grow the company to a $100,000,000.00 in annual sales and take it public.

While the above business was taking place through 2000, a few other things of significance took place. The most important being that in 1997, Brent and Lori had their second son Baylee. Baylee was planned and fortunately, Brent and Lori had moved out of that 38-foot trailer and now lived in a nice hillside home in Ojai. The house was on 2 ½ acres, plenty of room to roam, and was also right next door to Brent’s parents house which was also on 2 ½ acres. This was very convenient as Brent and Lori had a built-in baby-sitter in Brent’s mother Gloria.

Also on the home front, in 1997 Blain (Brent’s oldest son) was ten and decided it was time to get involved with tackle football. Brent was ecstatic about this and volunteered to help coach. This was a very rewarding experience for father and son. In the following years, Brent became more involved and moved up to Head Coach and become President of the Ojai Eagles Chapter of the Youth Football League. While Head Coach Brent turned the small town Eagles into a winning machine. The Chapter became well respected because it was beating much larger city chapters (For example, Ojai has about 15,000 residents where Santa Clarita had over 100,000). In fact, in his final year as President, the Ojai Chapter won the award for being the Best Overall Chapter in the entire league.

On more personal basis, Brent also had some great fun during this time. Ever since his old football days, Brent yearned for the excitement of a game involving the emotion and intense competition of football. Being a pilot almost matched it, but it wasn’t until Brent started racing cars that he felt that “buzz” again. For three years, Brent raced in the NASCAR Super Truck series. The Super Truck series was usually the main event on Saturday nights and it wasn’t uncommon to have 5,000 or more fans at the races. The series traveled throughout Southern and Central California as well as Western Arizona. Brent happily got his family involved too. His younger brother Greg was his Crew Chief and Lori and the kids and Brent’s parents, Jerry and Gloria, made it out to nearly every race.

When Blain entered High School, Brent resigned as President of the Eagles. It was now time to really focus on business again. With his newfound management knowledge, Brent was determined to make Affinity a huge success. To reduce costs, Brent moved the company into a portion of his home. He started calling everyone he knew to get the company going strong. One of those contacts was John Rosanbalm. John had extensive knowledge and contacts within the Internet community. Together they started to market one of Affinity’s products, 100% Herbal Sensation, over the Internet. They enjoyed great success and the company started to grow again.

About a year and a half later, John introduced Brent to Chuck Dhuey. Chuck had been a network marketer for a number of years and had created a unique marketing plan. With Affinity’s product line, John’s Internet capabilities and Chuck marketing plan, in late 2002, the Affinity Just-2 program was formed. The trio (great products, rewarding compensation plan, and Internet marketing technologies) was a great success. In its first full year of implementation, the Affinity Just-2 program did about $3.7 million in sales.

With this success, it became apparent that small town Ojai, California was not the best location to build a large business. It was then decided that the company should relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada to take full advantage of the numerous benefits Las Vegas offered. The benefits include, access to distributors (almost everyone wants to go to Vegas), tax incentives, qualified employee availability and a lower cost of living. Even with these tremendous business benefits, it was still a difficult decision to make. Brent had grown up in Ojai and his entire family lived there. But, because of the strong desire to build Affinity, the move was and is well worth it.

With Affinity in Las Vegas, company sales continued to grow to over $4 million annually. However, due to the company’s success, numerous other companies began “knocking off” both the company products and the Internet marketing programs. This competition stalled sales. Brent realized he needed a product that wasn’t a “me too” product. Something that was unique and proprietary.
During the search, out of the blue, the inventor of a technology to stabilized negative ionization walked into Brent’s office. It was a very special occurrence, one of those “wow” moments. You see, Brent knew this inventor, however he had not seen him in about 9 years. The inventor was the same inventor that produced the technology for the first company that Brent worked on that went public – New Era.

Further, Brent had just recently purchased a Kangan machine for $4,000.00 that made negative ionized water. So, Brent knew the power of negative ions, but had been taught that it was impossible to stabilize the negative ions.

When the inventor told Brent that he had invented the best water in the world, that he had stabilized negative ionization and proved it, Brent knew this was the product he was looking for. Although there are a number of alkalizing concentrates and waters, no one, that is no one has been able to stabilize the negative ions so that it can be bottled. The Electron Energized – E2 Technology is that stabilized negative ionization!

Initially, Brent started selling the E2 Technology, in a 4 oz. bottle. However, at the time, not many people were aware of negative ionization and the product would just not gain any traction.

Not accepting defeat, Brent decided to market it in a ready-to-drink format. He sold off all the other Affinity “me too” products and decided to solely focus on the E2 Technology and Real Water brand.

To this end, Brent contacted a local bottled water company and started working out production issues. On about the third meeting, another problem developed. The bottling company was going out of business! This was during the financial collapse of 2008.

Again, not accepting defeat, Brent took over the bottling company, with no experience in the bottled water business what so ever. All he had was a firm belief that the E2 Technology was going to be huge. Brent went “all in” and started the Real Water brand. He realized that negative ionization was life changing and as a very good side benefit, it made purified water taste really, really good and very smooth.

Of course, there was a steep learning curve and all the “experts” told him he could not launch a bottled water without expertise, connections and “deep” pockets. Brent would not take their advice and just started selling. All day, every day, he sold to however was willing to give Real Water a try.

Now when people tell him that it is too hard to sell Real Water, Brent reminds them that in the beginning, not one person knew the brand. Brent was so tenacious that his UPS bill exceeded $2,000.00 weekly with all the samples going out.

Tenacity and perseverance paid off little by little. The first big break was getting it into a local Whole Foods, under the local vendor exemption. The exemption allows local products in local stores without corporate approval. Real Water did so well in the Las Vegas stores that a year later, the Southern Pacific region picked it up. Momentum was starting to build.

Real Water then got another big break when it was taken on as the official water of the AVP, professional volleyball league. With the credibility of the AVP and Whole Foods on board, more and more stores slowly took on the brand.

However, during this cash poor, difficult time, Brent and Lori divorced. Lori wanted a more stable and “normal” life, whereas Brent had the entrepreneur bug that would just not let go.

Brent continued to build Real Water with his oldest son Blain by his side. Together they were the “jack of all trades”, working in production, sales and marketing. Slowly, but surely, organization went into the company, good employees were found and the company continued to expand.

In late 2011 another life changing moment occurred. Brent meet Aimee Shelton. It just so happened that Aimee grew up in Las Vegas, but was living in Ventura, CA. The Ventura/Ojai area was where Brent grew up. A mutual friend new both Brent and Aimee and thought that their personalities would be a great match. Brent’s son Blain was out in Ventura and through the mutual friend was introduced to Aimee. Blain immediately thought the same thing, that is, Brent and Aimee would be a good match.

It just so happened that Aimee was thinking about moving back to Las Vegas. The friend suggested that she meet with Brent about a potential “job”. Blain got on board and made sure that Brent and Aimee would meet. He scheduled a dinner meeting and when Brent and Aimee got together that first time, they talked until about 2:00 am in the morning. A strong connection was definitely created.

The rest is, as they say, history. Brent and Aimee married the next summer and about a year and a half later had their first child – Avianna. With two boys, Avi, as she is called, was and still is Brent’s little princess. There is a special bond between a dad and a daughter that can only be explained once one has experienced it.

Shortly after Avi was born, Brent decided to run for the Nevada State Assembly. Brent moved from California to Nevada in search of a pro-business environment. California had and continues to persecute business. Unfortunately, Brent was seeing that Nevada was starting to enact laws that were anti-business. It was starting to become like California!

His solution was to go into action and fight against the job killing progressive agenda. With a lot of work, walking and speeches, he was elected and served in the 2015 legislative session in Carson City, Nevada. Within a very short time, he was put on a list of conservative legislators to watch in 2016.

With Real Water, and the legislature all going on, in mid-2015, then came along Bradley. Brad is number four for Brent and boy does he have a lot of energy!

During 2015, Brent also decided to start Real MMA – a mixed martial arts fighting promotion. Brent realized that mixed martial artists were flocking to Real Water for its beneficial properties. Since these fighters are so in-tune with their bodies and they are opinion leaders in society, it was a natural fit to help market Real Water.

The promotion has done very well and most recently has been selling out Sam’s Town Live arena in Las Vegas. As Real MMA continues to grow, it will continue to promote and market Real Water and the E2 Technology, all the while making money. It is a win-win venture.

While running for re-election in 2016, Brent tapped into a groundswell of support for then Presidential candidate Donald Trump. At the time, no one “serious” in Nevada was backing Mr. Trump. Seeing the grass roots support, Brent became the first State level politician to publicly and officially endorse Mr. Trump.

As a result, Brent was given the honor to speak at campaign rallies and also was able to meet now President Trump personally on numerous occasions. The election cycle was very rewarding, and Brent is excited about the pro-business agenda that President Trump is now pursuing.

The Real Water business continued to grow and Brent, Aimee and Blain have all taken on large areas of responsibility and have worked hard to get it to approximately $10 million in annual sales in 2016. With more awareness of negative ionization, the Real Water brand becoming very popular, and the Real Water company having personnel that are doing well in their respective positions, Brent realized it was time to revisit the 4 oz. E2 concentrate.

In early 2017, Brent contacted John Rosanbalm again, flew him out and both agreed that with the Real Water brand, the benefits and knowledge about negative ionization, it was time to launch Real Balance – a network marketing arm of the E2 Technology.

With John’s networking and Internet systems, Brent’s Real Water brand and proven management success, Real Balance is destined to become one of those “once in a lifetime” opportunities. The E2 Technology is so good, and helps so many people, that it cannot and will not fail.

It’s Time To Get Real!